Home / office security advice and security installations

Over the years of working on a variety of properties, we discovered our unique position of providing security advice. After all, if a window cleaner (with permission) can easily gain access to your property, how easy could it be for someone without permission also be able gain access.

Over the years we have heard experiences from customers who have been burgled, or had car thefts, only to later realise that they could have done more as a deterrent.

We have seen worn down keypad locks with marks on the buttons which have been used to gain access, and cameras which are placed in areas that are easy to deactivate to name just two security observations.

With our IT background we can offer security deterrent advice and digital deterrents in the form of cameras, alarms and other alert devices. We offer home automation solutions to look as if your home is occupied when you go away.

It may be that you already have an IT based security system which isn’t working out for you or is not providing the experience you would like. We can help.

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