Wet Windows is committed to providing the following:


  • Safety

Window cleaning has long been considered a risky business. In the past it has been all to common to see a window cleaner hanging off his ladder to reach that window that is just out of reach. This was done to save time. Fortunately, Wet Windows is safety concious and does all it can to work at ground level wherever possible when cleaning your windows or gutters. Even little things like using high visibility hosing. We know our customers appreciate having someone safe working on there property.


  • Customer Trust

Customers appreciate how Wet Windows can be trusted on their property while many of our customers are out working or carrying out day to day activities. This also means that your day doesn’t have to stop just because the window cleaner is coming over. We will leave our slip to say we have been requesting payment.


  • Reliability

We find many of our customers have had a window cleaner in the past who either called by once or twice and disappeared or calls by randomly. Wet Windows is committed to providing a service on a 5 week basis and works hard to keep to this schedule.


  • Hassle Free Payments

We provide our customers with a number of payment options to ease the process of providing our service. See how to pay us page for more information.